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Dr. Adam Tilson


Dr. Tilson is a healer that has helped the lives of many through his expertise and compassion in health for over 15 years. He is a part of a specialized network of doctors who have pioneered the field of reversing neuropathy- a condition that is considered by conventional medicine to be impossible.

He sees many patients in debilitating pain who had seen countless MD's, neurologists, podiatrists and specialists with only temporary relief that became far worse and eventually ineffective. By focusing on the cause and damage, he has helped these same patients recover and continue living life to their best.

Our Mission

The traditional healthcare model is based on symptom-based treatment that is more about "sick" care than "health" care.

We believe it starts with a proactive mindset rather than a reactive one. 

​We believe in helping the body.. not ignoring it, malnourishing it, constantly injuring it, and then drugging it, restricting it, and then cutting it to make us feel better..

..because our body takes care of us when we take care of it. 

It even tries it's best to take care of us even when we don't take care of it, too. 

Medications, shots, nerve ablations and surgeries have their time and place, but when we place our health first, a lot of the injuries and illnesses, that most likely had been years in the making, can be avoidable.

Education is key to understanding how we can change our mindset about how we choose to experience our own health so that we can live life doing what we love, around those we love, for as long as possible.

We're about bringing health back into 
"Health" Care!

Dr. Tilson 

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