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over 35,000 patients that have

transformed their lives


with a 97% success rate


doesn't have to

define your life


take back


of your life

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discover how you can get pain-free from neuropathy without medication, shots, or surgery


so you can live life in health instead of sickness

watch this video!

Step 1   use the link above to get connected.

Step 2  you will be asked a few prequalifying questions

Step 3  choose the date/time of your appointment.

                      a prepayment is required to reserve your appointment.                          use the online payment processing system in the prompt.



Step 4  you will receive a confirmation email from our team

                      once your appointment has been confirmed along with 

                      the address of our office and new patient registration

                      forms that you can complete online.




                      for any questions please call or text

(630) 757-8115

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